Concert Bortglömda Mästerverk

Rö kyrka, Rö Kyrkväg 28, Norrtälje

Enjoy wonderful songs from the golden age of Swedish Lieder, i.e., the late 19th century to the early 20th century. These are songs that are rarely or never heard today, but Henrik Berg and Michael Axelsson have brought them out of obscurity and put together a fine program, sharing the history of the composers and the songs. Listen to unknown masterpieces by Hugo Alfvén, Alice Tegner, Ruben Liljefors, Laura Netzel, Gustaf Nordqvist, and others.

Rö is the area outside Stockholm, where Gustaf Nordqvist had his summer house and composed many of his songs (not Till havs though). The church is close to the house. A perfect cultural excursion possibility!

Michael Axelsson - Tenor Henrik Berg - Piano